Saul Cubilla Martinez

Saúl Cubilla Martínez

Growth, Marketing, Product and Analytics

I like challenges. I am a fast learner and I quickly adapt to changes. I am a Product and Marketing specialist. I have 8 years of experience working on Product, Marketing and Analytics. Currently, I am leading a 5 people team.


Design of the business plan and global marketing strategy. Customer focus and always results-oriented.


Team leader. 8 years of experience in digital marketing specialized in Mobile App Marketing.


Oriented to growth methodology and Product-Led Growth strategies. Growing more optimizing resources.


With experience as a Product Manager. Planning, developing and improving digital products based on data and analytics.

App Specialist

Specialized in Mobile App Marketing in the last 4 years in different markets in Europe and LATAM.


Analytical vision to understand the user and optimize the product. Data visualization and reporting.



As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) I lead the Growth Marketing, Design and Communications team.I’m in charge of planning and executing the marketing and product strategy, supporting the definition of the Business Model.Timbrit is an automated marketplace based on technology that is in charge of connecting people with professionals in the home. Our main competitive advantage is that we have a product that is managed automatically.



HolaPepa is a new home beauty business model launched in 2020. The idea is to bring beauty to your home with a semi-automated and technological proposal.As Head of Marketing, my main objective is to develop and execute the Growth Marketing strategy. I have also participated in product management and the definition of the business plan.During the first year we have achieved some truly spectacular business results:• CPA: -38,9% (YoY)
• ARPU: +42% (YoY)
• Recurrence: + 38% (last six months)


University of Zaragoza

I enjoy teaching. I have collaborated with the University of Zaragoza in several seminars and lectures on Digital Marketing and Analytics (2016, 2019 and 2021).I am open to new teaching collaborations.

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